Early Life

Antonios Panagiotou Atsalis was born the 9th of December, 1999 on Corfu Island, Greece. He is the first of three sons of Panagiotis Antoniou Atsalis. He spent his childhood in Corfu, getting most of his education there. Antonios attended a public middle school and high school as well, where he graduated from the Economics sector of studies in June 2017. During his school years, he was practicing English and French courses until he earned his proficiency certificate in both languages in the same year.
As a student, Antonios excelled and led himself in exploring different worlds such as Literature where he was challenging himself by competing in essay contests. Then he got into Physics, where he was taking Masterclasses in Advanced Particle Physics issued by the European Particle Physics Outreach Group. As a kid and later on as a teenager Antonios was very active and energetic. Apart from his sports engagements, he had a strong love for Music. From an early age, he was composing and versifying songs, though just for a few months he has ever practiced with a musical instrument. After the summer of 2018, Antonios moved to Thessaloniki to pursue his basketball career. That season was a milestone in his life as he started generating projects which later came to life. In October 2021 he traveled to the United States to make a huge step in his basketball career and since then the rest is history.

*You can hear some of his music playlists on Spotify. His account is linked both on the top and bottom menus of this website.

Athlete's Life

Antonios Atsalis started his early career in sports having tried almost every sport, such as football, basketball, tennis, swimming, handball, track&field, sailing, water polo, etc. Defined by his passion to excel Antonios was always trying to be the best version of himself at what he does, never setting limits and breaking his records. It was obvious that Basketball was the sport that had won his heart. Separating his will from the musts, he left behind the good tennis performances to focus only on basketball where he was building a good name day after day about his work ethic, the countless days he was spending on courts, and his talent.
Atsalis spent his whole youth as a member of his hometown’s major basketball club where later on joined the men’s squad. After getting a transfer to Thessaloniki where Atsalis played for a season there, he was seen by American scouters, so he was called to the United States to try out for four different teams. He played successfully there for two seasons having another one to come. 



As Antonios Atsalis had mentioned in the past, there was a point in his life when he was trying to channel his knowledge into one thing. Make an impact and a statement through a new move. After a failed project and much more gained experience, he started writing down all of his ideas.
“Why can’t I combine it all? I can”
That moment he collected all of his skills (education, knowledge, experiences, and risk) investing it all into a brand new venture. Having successfully operated until today, we have come to a victory by founding and governing the Apeiron Venue. An innovative group of companies expanding in many industries. Tap below to visit the genuine website of Atsalis’s group.

Life Values

"Like my father was saying, treat people the way you would like to be treated by them. Have faith in humans and you'll see great things. Never forget your roots. Start from the bottom so you will reach the top. Believe in family, believe in yourself, believe in your people. Invest on these relations"

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