One of my greatest values starts with discipline. Finding the right motivation every day to become the best version of myself. Striving towards new goals and fulfilling new challenges. Everything starts from an idea then it becomes LIFE.


Respecting people and their values is probably the most important of all the major business factors. People brought you where you are and people keep you where you are. It is a matter of mutual respect. Treating your people with prosperity and finesse is a unique process.


A word greater than any other. Staying loyal to it is more than a key, people should never compromise with losing it. Mother of all beginnings. It takes little steps to grow greater things but FAITH is the tool you will always need.


As a young entrepreneur I'm always looking for new opportunities. Those little things that will boost my success. Believing in my creations was the key to the source of fulfillment. Increasing the risks thoughtfully every day is bringing my causes a step closer to the WIN.


The principle that, in addition to pursuing profit generation, corporations should strive to act in a way that positively affects society and the world. Social responsibility will boost a company's morale, especially when you engage employees with its social causes.


I strive for greatness. To make a world better than I found it yesterday and build a better tomorrow for the generations to come. Be remembered for the things you did and not for those you didn't.

business vision

Apeiron Venue is an innovative group of companies. A dream which not only came true but exceeded every expectation. As the Founder and Chairman of Apeiron Venue I can only be optimist and yet grateful of our future affairs.




“Thus great things from small things”


Being into more than 3 industries so far, my vision reaches the maximum potential of my business skills and knowledge. Interacting with people from all over the world and operating in every country gives me fuel to invest into more industries and excel at the existing ones.


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there is
no better thing
than staying true
to your values.

Your core values act like your internal compass which navigates the course of your life. If you compromise your core values, you go nowhere,